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Our "Why" for Training

Our "Why" behind being trainers and opening a gym/smoothie bar

There are two general motivators behind opening a gym and getting into personal training; making money and positively impacting lives. Both my business partner, Amanda, and I fall into the later category. Don't get me wrong, the goal for both of us is to make a living and a life that we are in control of. We are both single parents and want to provide for our families. Thankfully there are a handful of small gyms in our area that are in it for the same reason.

Why intention matters

While seen mostly with social media "influencers" there are also personal trainers who are just in the industry to make money. Again, while not inherently wrong, when the main motivator is money, actions taken can and will be different when dealing with clients. There are many stories of online "fitness coaches" advertising custom workouts and meal plans only for it to be found out they were using basic plans and no customizing being done at all. There is nothing wrong with basic plans if it's stated that way and it's for a short term challenge. The big issue with in person trainers who also see money first is that they will usually train with the intention of giving clients just enough knowledge to make them better in the gym, but not quite enough where the client can strike out on their own. There are also more deceptive sales tactics used like making the client feel bad about not making enough progress or letting know they will probably fail without continuing personal training.

Thankfully the majority, not all, but most, personal trainers in this area are the later and have the clients success as the motivating factor. Yes, they still want to make a living, but when the intention is helping your client attain their goals, the money side will generally take care of itself. You come from a place of love and care for your clients and it shows in the interactions with them. The most loyal client I ever had only trains with me every month or so now, he's learned how to train himself and is hitting the gym 4-5 days a week on his own now. While that's lost revenue, I couldn't be prouder of him.

We're gonna give our clients tough love when needed, an encouraging word always and go the extra mile to ensure they are successful. We really do want every gym member/client to feel like they are part of an extended family. When one misses, other members reach out. When one is struggling, other members help out and are encouraging. For a lot of people, fitness can be a scary thing and having a true community behind them will alleviate that fear and help foster confidence and growth.


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