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Core Values

  • Bring your 100% Effort every day. Whatever that looks like for YOU.

  • Strength is a Choice.

  • Commit to your Goals.

  • Be Intentional in everything you do.

  • Know your "why".

  • Communication is key.

  • Little things are the Big things.

  • Always be a student.

  • Embrace Change. 

  • Keep an open mind in all aspects in life. 

  • Embrace and Share your passions. 

  • Be Honest & Transparent to allow strong relationship growth. 

  • Treat others with respect, compassion,  kindness Empathy. 

  • Be the example

  • Know your('re) Magic. 

  • Just have FUN!



I couldn't recommended Family First Fitness more highy....


I couldn't recommend Family First Fitness more highly. This glowing recommendation is due to Amanda Marie,the person responsible for this program. The first thing you notice about Amanda is her bright personality. When you meet her you feel as if she already cares deeply about you. Beyond that, it was my privilege to observe her clients and their progress for over a year or so. Not only did they improve in fitness and health, it seems they were quite happy while doing so. In my opinion you would not regret making an appointment with her and starting the New Year with a healthier you.


Amanda is an amazing coach and human in general...

Amanda is an amazing coach and human in general. Her energy is contagious, and she's always encouraging her clients to push past their fears and inhibitions when it comes to fitness and life. Her heart is her biggest asset but she's got the background, experience, and muscle to bring anyone's goals to completion. Everyone needs an Amanda in their life. Love. Her.

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